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A Little about what we do...

We place anonymous orders from each company's website.  We track the processing time, shipping method, shipping location, time in transit, quality of packaging,

reptile health and condition, etc...    We also search the web for feedback, reviews and other information about each company. 

We are no longer comparing prices or giving grade/rankings ourselves.  Please take the information provided and judge for yourself.

1. Backwater Reptiles - A new website that bursted on the scene this middle of this year.  Almost instantly we found reviews and posts from people saying they've

all had great experiences with this company.  We were about to place our anonymous order when we learned about a thread on the very popular

website inside the "Board of Inquiry".  We were in the middle of monitoring the first ever "Bad Guy" Thread against Florida Herps (more on this below) when it was revealed that

the original poster/bad reviewer was in fact the owner of Backwater Reptiles!  Yes, the owner of this brand new company thought it wise to go on the world's more popular

reptile website to purposely and falsely accuse Florida Herps of being exactly what Backwater is... A DROP SHIPPER!   Once we learned this there was no reason

to waste time placing an order.  We did confirm this company places orders from a well known wholesaler in Florida.  We have also found nearly identical posts from

Backwater Reptiles slandering Florida Herps on their own Facebook page,,, etc...

We contacted Florida Herps for a comment and was told by Lonna Thompson that this was a pending legal matter.

You can read the fake Bad Guy Thread falsely started by Backwater Reptiles HERE.

Another Thread about Backwater Reptiles worth reading HERE.


Backwater also creates their own Fake Positive Reviews!

Here the owner Sam is using the name "Crevalle" asking Google for help on "his" website

Here he is using the same username "Crevalle" posting a fake review trying to make himself look better.

Here "Crevalle" is posting a fake review saying he ordered a Tarantula from himself.

All the while talking smack about Florida Herps.


Backwater Reptiles also owns and operates - Here he creates his own reviews on his Blog.

Backwater Reptiles also owns and operates where he again writes his own fake reviews.


*** On that note we would advise everyone to simply avoid this company.  ***

2. Florida Herps - Founded by Dr. William Thompson, D.V.M. in 1996 Florida Herps offers an amazing selection of Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates.

In addition to their website, Florida Herps also operates a Non-Profit Reptile Rescue, Reptile Testing Laboratory, Wholesale Reptile Sales, Reptile Trapping/Relocating Service,

Reptile Babysitting, and they serve local customers in the Sarasota/Bradenton Florida area.    Their Ranch is open to the public by appointment only!

This year's anonymous order was for a Leopard Tortoise Baby.  We placed our order at 1:45PM - Shipped same day from Bradenton, FL - arrived at 9:42AM the next

morning by FedEx.  The box was the usual brown box with full color side labels displaying Florida Herps' logo, address, number, and "Live Harmless Reptile".

The insulation was 3/4" Pre Cut Foam Panels, 1 Cold Gel Pack (Weather was 88F), packing peanuts.  The tortoise itself was inside a plastic deli cup with holes.

We should point out that before Florida Herps would even process our order we had to sign and return a form regarding baby tortoises.

Another perfect animal flawlessly packaged and shipped.


As mentioned above, this company has never had a "Bad Guy" Thread or so much as an upset customer posting bad reviews.  So we found it shocking to find a thread

on saying "Buyers Beware".  We closely followed the thread until it was made clear by the website operators that the person that

started the thread was actually the owner of Backwater Reptiles.  Read the above links for proof.

3. General Exotics - This website has been around for a few years now.  Traffic and conversations seem to have dropped off this year.  The fact that this is a Drop Ship

only web based business in Oklahoma could have something to do with that.  We did place our anonymous order with this company this Spring.  The order was place at 12:30PM

and was shipped the following day.  The package arrived on time and in good shape by UPS.  As noted above this company is a website portal to wholesalers in

Florida.  Our package was shipped from Naples, FL.  Last year's package was shipped from Miami, FL.  So either this company is expanding its suppliers or

perhaps it just matters who has what in stock.  The box was the industry standard white box with red "Perishable" on the sides.  Foam was 1/2" Pre Cut Panels. 

This order was for a water dragon baby.  It was alive and active, but did seem thin.  After a few weeks of Phoenix Worms the little guy is doing great.  It should be

noted that last years order went to Ohio the same as this year's.  However this year we were charged for a "Health Certificate".  This transaction itself was smooth.

4. LLL Reptile - Another great company with a great history!  15+ years Strong!  LLL Reptile is one of if not the best source for reptile supplies on the planet!

Like usual this year's feedback and reviews were almost all positive.  Our anonymous order was for a Hermman's Tortoise Baby.  We ordered at 8:15AM - order was

shipped from their facility in Carlsbad, CA the next day - arrived at 11:04AM by FedEx.  LLL's box was white with red custom "LLL Reptile" logos on the side. 

1/2" Foam Panels and newspaper were inside.  The tortoise was inside a plastic cup with brown packing paper.  The little guy was perfect in everyway. 

This was a perfect transaction from LLL Reptile. 

5. Reptile City - What a year its been for this company.  After the problems we've had with these guys for 3 years in a row now we were really hoping for a positive

change.  That was not the case.  But first...  feedback and reviews this year were not so kind to this company.  Felton Willis also had some personal

legal issues that might of had something to do with this.   HERE is a link to one of several Bad Guy Threads.  On page 6 of that thread are links to find police

reports and the criminal record of Felton Willis owner of Reptile City.  Another thing that we found strange about this company, they've had a "F" Grade from the BBB

for a long time.  All of a sudden the grade was raised to a "B".  However we also found he moved his business from Texas to Florida, at least on paper.  The

Florida company already has a "F" grade.  This year's anonymous order was for a Ball Python Baby.  Order was placed at 10:05AM - shipped 2 days later -

arrived 2 days later by FedEx 2nd Day Air delivery.  The box was the industry standard insulated white box.  The snake was in a cloth sack with plenty of

padding.  It was 84F but no cold packs were used.  The snake seemed fine despite the long shipping time.  The snake was young, and appeared to be in

good health.  However it never ate and died several weeks later.  We were force feeding for weeks, but it was clear it wasn't going to make it. 

We are guessing it was a cheap imported snake.  The transaction itself was fine, shipping was slow and there was no excuse for not using an overnight service. 

This is how they can claim cheap shipping rates and free shipping on larger orders.  We would rather spend more and have the reptiles shipped as fast as possible.

6. Reptiles N Critters - This company is ran from an apartment in the New York and has a real reptile wholesaler in Florida ship for him.  A DROP SHIPPER

just like General Exotics and Backwater Reptiles.  This is 100% Web Based business with no phone support, just like all the other drop shippers.

This years' feedback and reviews were few with the only real issue related to copyright infringement.  We agree stealing photographs is illegal, but this has nothing

to do with our review of this company.  We placed our anonymous order for 1 Green Iguana at 1:30PM - shipped the next day from Miami, FL - delivered

on time before 10AM the next morning by FedEx.  The iguana was well packed but super thin.  We found two mites on the back legs as well.  After 6 days the

iguana started eating and gaining weight.  The transaction went smoothly and today the iguana is doing fine.

The information above was accurate as of October 20th, 2011 

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